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The New Menswear Collaboration at Ziliotto

For a few months now, our star designer Jennifer Ziliotto has been working

on a brand new adventure - a collaboration with Wardrobe for Men to

showcase a new menswear line at Ziliotto! 752 Danforth Avenue will be

home to some great men's outfits such as jeans, dress-shirts, jackets, short

sleeve shirts and bespoke suits.

Jennifer has always loved men's fashion and decided to grab the

opportunity to launch her very own menswear line at Ziliotto. She feels that

men often dress in a uniform, and this can be a double-edged sword. The

positive aspect of this is that there are very few ways to go wrong with the

available options. However, with the uniform dressing, there are also very

few ways to get creative with men's clothing.

For this reason, Jennifer recommends adding a pop of color or print

through a pair of fun socks, a pocket square or even a tie. Even if the men

in our life like to dress basic, we can always encourage them to step out of

the box and bring out their style through colorful accessories. A bit of color

through a hat or scarf never hurt anyone!

Speaking of her inspiration behind the menswear line, Jennifer instantly

brings up the two men in her life - her husband and her teenage son. She is

their personal shopper and always tries to add a bit of zing to their

dressing. She is also inspired by late Hollywood star Cary Grant, and his

timeless and gentlemanly style.

Having worked in the fashion scene for more than 10 years, Jennifer feels

that the main difference between fashion for men and women is in the way

they shop.

Men consider shopping to be a chore, quite unlike their female

counterparts, who enjoy the experience. Men are more open to guidance

and prefer a personal shopper to hand them outfits rather than browsing

clothes racks in a store. They depend on the designer to spruce their style

and this is also the kind of shopping experience that Ziliotto offers.

Our clientele will happily vouch for the top notch service and styling advice

that Jennifer provides. They always leave the store with pieces that are

not only timeless and elegant, but also suit their style and and body type,

and bring out their unique personalities. With the new menswear

collaboration, Jennifer aims to create a haven of wonderful outfits for the

special men who complete the lives of her beautiful women.

The store (752 Danforth Avenue) will host a Men's Night on Wednesday,

May 10, and the launch of the new pieces will be celebrated with some

drinks and snacks. We look forward to having you all in store to celebrate

our newest collaboration, and to buy some pieces from our smart

menswear line.



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