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Summer & Style - The Perfect Combination!

Summer is finally making its way to Canada! With the temperatures

touching the high 20’s, it is the perfect time to visit a park, drink lemonade

and have porch parties. However, it is also necessary to get our

wardrobes summer ready and put away all the winter jackets and boots.

How exciting!


This week, our style expert and wardrobe consultant Jennifer Ziliotto

brings you her top five tips to improve your summer style.


1. Be mindful of the fabric - choosing fabrics that are cooling and let your

body breathe is key during the summers. Fast fashion from high-street

stores is mostly made from poly-blends that simply aren’t breathable, and

will often hold on to sweat stains. You may want to consider fabrics like

cotton, linen and silk, that are light and easy on the skin.


2. Buy slightly bigger shoes - all materials expand during the summer,

including the ones our shoes are made of. Materials like leather, canvas

and suede definitely stretch, so going half a size up will be enough.

However, for shoes made of faux leather, plastic, or any other man-made

material, go a full size up. Your feet want to feel comfortable and blister-
free this summer!


3. Add florals to your wardrobe - no better time than summer to stock your

wardrobe with some floral inspiration! Start with a scarf if you feel

intimidated, or dive right into the floral trend with a bold pair of printed

pants. If floral is your jam, you can even buy a pair of floral separates! A

floral piece is definitely something worth investing in.


4. Accessorize - dress simple and let a high fashion watch bring out your

style! Flash those gorgeous oversized sunglasses, carry a hand woven

bag, wear long necklaces, a hat or a pair of stylish clogs. Let accessories

be your friends this summer, trust us, you won't regret it!


5. Wear pastels, stripes and corals - Bubble-gum pink, aquamarine, baby

blue and yellow are all your go-to colors for the summer. Corals are great

too, and can be a really nice color for nail varnish and lipsticks too. You

may also want to try mixing stripes with print to add that cool factor to

your dressing, like pairing a striped t-shirt with a floral skirt. Don't be

afraid to experiment!


Be bold and brave with your summer style, and have fun flaunting your

summer looks! Our style expert Jennifer Ziliotto is also available to

provide a wardrobe consultation and help define your unique style

personality. Call us on 416-463-0632 or visit the store at 752 Danforth

Avenue to book your consultation and check out some pieces from our

new Spring collection.




P.S. - you’re gorgeous!

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